Oil and gas projects are valuable for B.C.

Naysayers focus on only one alternative — cancellation of oil and gas projects.

Editor: Finally a clear, to the point analysis of the value of oil and gas projects in the province. Jim Shepard (The Times, April 4) is no one’s puppet. His business and personal reputation and acumen is without peer, taking Finning to one of the largest Cat dealers in the world.

He has a firm grasp of project values to First Nations, knowing of the Syncrude system, the most comprehensive in the world.

The naysayers only focus on one thing, with no alternative except cancellation. This is not a solution.

Currently project management people are being solicited for Kitimat work with an employment term of 36 months. This would also apply to infrastructure workers and trades. The more B.C. residents who are employed on projects such as the refinery, the more it ensures that project and government requirements are met with no impact to the environment.

Terry Brenan,