Reality check needed on TV election reporting

Editor: The media (CTV in particular) is so flagrantly biased towards the Liberals that a reality check needs to be done to counter the slurs, innuendos, and half-truths.

TV news plays and replays the mud-slinging by the opposition parties, but does not equally play the answers of Stephen Harper to each of the accusations. For example, they continually play clips where Harper is slurred for the contempt charge (voted by the opposition), and there is incomplete information about the ruling of the Speaker of the House.

You never hear “prima facie” mentioned nor the whole story about the  non-confidence vote coming after the opposition threatened an election if they did not get all they wanted in the budget. They continued to make the threat, after negotiation time was long past.

The slurs regarding a senator’s fraud charges are continually played, but we do not see anything about the privy council’s part in clearing him.  Harper is continually blamed for things he knew nothing about.

The slurs continue to be thrown regarding two girls being asked to leave the Conservative rally, but we do not see repeated references to the RCMP’s apology for their part in that situation.  It was Harper’s fault? Come on.

The slurs on Harper continue over the Helena Guergis fiasco, but you do not see them playing and replaying Jack Layton and Michael, Ignatieff, when they were ridiculing Harper for not getting rid of her long before he quietly asked for an investigation. Nor are there clips of her shameful behaviour.  She brought it out in the open, but Harper wanted to keep it quiet until he found out the facts.

Ignatieff seems to think he can trump Harper’s level-headed experience as the prime minister with his own expertise in story-telling. The pity is, some people think the stories are true.

Joan Schafer,