TransLink – from public to private

Gordon Campbell converted the TransLink board from elected mayors (public) to a private board.

Editor: Governments, at the behest of big business, are converting public enterprises to private. TransLink is one of them, beginning when Gordon Campbell was premier.

He converted the TransLink board from elected mayors (public) to a private board. The mayors were relegated to advisory status. A new business-oriented board of professionals — unelected, private — is now  the TransLink board.

TransLink has seen a deterioration of service, with underfunding and poor service. Transit users now face a failing system. TransLink is being managed badly. TransLink’s focus seems to be on automobiles, instead of public transit.

The Mayors Council introduced a proposed plan for a referendum. It would increase funding and service for public transit. Handydart, the poor adjunct, was included, but remains with a 10-year budget freeze.

It is important to understand the disabled contribute to society as a whole. Many are in the labouring class.  Handydart therefore needs equitable consideration and an improved budget.

We believe there is an important need for an organization of all transit users, able-bodied and disabled. It needs a leader, a demand, and a program to succeed. The able-bodied should be made aware of the sensitivity of the disabled in such a development.

John Beeching,