Who is paying for trustee campaigns?

Could the candidates reveal who their major contributors have been?

Editor; My father is running for the Langley school board and he has been on the board for 18 years. During this time, he has never accepted outside funding except very rarely from a family or friend.

My father was objective even when it wasn’t the easy thing to do. We lost friends and even got our house egged for his decisions he made that weren’t popular. Because he was objective, he could vote for what was best for Langley students and not feel obligated to vote a certain way because of funds received.

I am concerned with the number of candidates for school trustees in Langley City and Township that are receiving special interest group subsidies. How can we expect candidates to be objective if they are receiving money from groups like unions or developers? At the all-candidates meeting, could the candidates reveal who their major contributors have been because then we will know better if the candidate will be objective and independent?

Mackenzie Ross,