Michael Dyck. (Photo: Chris Relke)

Michael Dyck. (Photo: Chris Relke)

Coach’s Corner: Dyck settles in to new role in Langley

The coach said he’ll focus on defense with the Vancouver Giants.

New Vancouver Giants head coach Michael Dyck is heading into this season with two wins under the team’s belt, starting with a weekend sweep over the Everett Silvertips.

But he’s not using that as a prediction of future success.

“We’re not getting too over excited about two wins to start yet,” Dyck said.

He doesn’t mind getting the early victories, of course. “Points are hard to come by,” said the coach.

It’s been a busy summer for the new coach, who relocated to Langley from his previous post in Lethbridge, Alberta.

He’s had to get to know the players and staff in just a few months.

“The players have been great,” Dyck said. “They came with a really good attitude.”

Any time there’s a change in coaching staff, getting things settled doesn’t happen overnight, said Dyck.

He’s still looking at the whole team, considering which players are working well, and which may be traded.

In any level of junior hockey, winning isn’t all there is, Dyck noted.

“You have to produce, that’s important, but development’s equally important,” he said.

The young players on the Giants are headed on to college or even the NHL, and getting them ready for those moves are one of the coach’s responsibilities.

He’ll spend the season working on building good habits and standards, Dyck said, making sure the little things get covered.

Dyck isn’t likely to demand extra aggression from his players.

“I’ve got a real defense-first mentality,” the coach said.

He believes that if the defense is solid, that leads to a good offense.