Langley dancer becomes provincial champ

Langley dancer becomes provincial champ

Ten-year-old Ryen Wise earned first place at the BC Performing Arts Festival

The ocean was 10-year-old Ryen Wise’s dance routine theme, and it made a splash at the BC Performing Arts Festival.

The young Willoughby resident earned first place out of the entire province last week after competing in the contemporary modern 1 category.

“My teacher asked me if I liked the ocean, and I said I loved it, so she choreographed it (dance) for me,” Wise explained, recounting the origins of her award-winning performance.

A member of Langley’s Studio One Dance Center, Wise said she has been dancing since she was just three years old.

Jazz, stage, and hip-hop are just some of the many forms she’s covered with instructor Michele Candy over her career.

“There’s two types of dance, really soft and fluffy and really sharp and hard hitting,” Wise said. “With this dance, it was very soft and fluid like waves crashing down on the sand.”

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Wise first competed in the Surrey Festival of Dance on May 29th, making it into the top three and earning her shot at the provincial title.

That same day, she made the trip out to Chilliwack for the Arts Fest finals where she would take the top spot in her category.

In re-guards to what the future holds for her dancing career, Wise simply stated that she “just wants to get on stage and perform.”


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