Photo courtesy Janis Roxburgh

Photo courtesy Janis Roxburgh

Langley Fundamental soccer wins provincial AA championships

Senior boys soccer team is the best in B.C. — again

This could get to be a habit.

Langley Fundamental Titans senior boys soccer team won the AA Boy’s BC provincial championships for the second year in a row on Wednesday (Nov. 21).

Titans were quick to score, while refusing to concede goals to other teams during the tournament, held at the Burnaby Lake sports complex.

Head Coach Tamera Shearon said the team showed “grit and determination” throughout the tournament, racking up wins despite suffering multiple injuries to key players.

“The boys showed that they were willing to play through the pain in each round,” Shearon said.

“We had a broken hand, injured ankles and knees that often resulted in ice breaks at half time but [that] did not stop our boys from getting back on the field and competing at a high level.”

Shearon praised team captain Jacob Sol as a strong leader.

“He has been solid in whatever position we have needed him. He played striker, right back and centre back during provincials. He motivated the boys in pre-game speeches and was a strong voice on the field. We will miss him next year.”

In the final against Archbishop Carney, “our players covered them well,” the Langley Fundamental coach said.

“Our back line was solid. Once we had a two-goal lead we knew we had to continue to play our game and push through the last half.

Before the game, coach Sheron and Assistant Coach Ryan Roman spoke to the team about being strong.

“We looked at the definition of the word. We were in to our fifth game in two-and-a-half days and everyone needed to dig deep. We also encouraged them to play for themselves as well as for the team. To remember that they love soccer and each person needed to carry their own passion for the game into the finals. That also meant playing for the team because soccer is a team sport and we had seniors who were playing their last high school soccer game.

In round robin play, Langley Fundamental beat Gladstone 7-0, drew with Carihi 0-0 (later beating them in a shoot out 5-4 to win Pool A), and beat Duchess Park 6-0.

In semi-final play, Langley Fundamental beat Sa-Hali 1-0 with a goal from Captain Jacob Sol.

In the final it was a repeat match of the Fraser Valley bronze medal game between Langley Fundamental and Archbishop Carney which Langley Fundamental had won 4-1.

Friday, Langley Fundamental beat Carney 2-0 with goals from Jacob Sol and Oliver Kelly.

Both goals happened in the first half of the game.

Langley Fundamental players received awards for: Commissioners to Karl Stein, Golden Boot to Alex Sol, who had six goals in the tournament, and Tournament MVP went to Langley’s Jackson Hleucka.

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Last year, the Titans took the school’s first-ever banner by defeating Victoria private school St. Michael’s University Blue Jags 3-1 in the championship final of the BC senior AA boys provincial soccer championships.

Team Roster:

Jacob Sol #7

Alexander Roxburgh #8

Jackson Hleucka #14 and Goalie Karl Stein #22

Alex Sol #7

Nathan Stams #12

Fernando Bravo #17

Oliver Kelly #11

Justin Moffat (injured)

Emil Stein #10

Aaron Schurch #16

Tayler Roxburgh #2 and Goalie

Maclean Wilson #19

Victor Shorting #13

Kirkland Jacobsen #3

Britton Roxburgh #21

Malachi Emerson #5

Adam Schroeder #18

Brendan Fleugal #6

Ryan Moffat (spare goalie)


Photo courtesy Janis Roxburgh

Photo courtesy Janis Roxburgh

Photo courtesy Janis Roxburgh

Photo courtesy Janis Roxburgh

Photo courtesy Janis Roxburgh

Photo courtesy Janis Roxburgh

Photo courtesy Janis Roxburgh

Photo courtesy Janis Roxburgh