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Langley students write, direct, and showcase their talent in a collection of all-new, original plays

A range of student-written stories, from fast-food heists to post-apocalyptic worlds
Trinity Western University students to showcase original plays at New Generations Festival. (Special to Langley Advance Times)

Trinity Western University (TWU) in Langley will showcase the talents of its students with the debut of five brand new plays at the New Generations festival.

The performances will run from Tuesday, Jan. 31 to Saturday, Feb. 4 at TWU’s SAMC Theatre (22500 University Drive, Langley).

The festival will feature a collection of five original student plays, including My Friend Celeste by Sophie Holland, In Orbit by Tasha DeVries, Roadkill by Braedon Grover Sunnes, 19 With You by Marissa Welch, and Burger Queen by Alex Walker. The plays will cover a range of themes, from a fast-food restaurant heist to a vision of a post-apocalyptic world.

Sophie Holland, a fourth-year English major from Langley, debuts her play My Friend Celeste, which tells the story of a young girl growing up and outgrowing her imaginary friend.

“The five plays are full of twists and turns, laughs and gasps. You won’t want to miss this evening brimming with new talent,” said Holland.

Tasha DeVries, a TWU graduate with a degree in Theatre and a minor in English, said that her play In Orbit is about “human relationships and the ways that they can be messy and beautiful.” Tasha believes that everyone should come out to see the plays, “because there is nothing more exciting than seeing the maiden voyage of a new story taking off into the universe!”

Braedon Grover Sunnes, TWU alumnus with a BFA in Acting, describes his play Roadkill as “a story about family and the importance of keeping an eye on our loved ones who are vulnerable.” He added, “this show is exciting because you get a rollercoaster of emotions, plots, and settings for the price of one ticket!”

Marissa Welch, the writer of 19 With You, which is about conflict between two married individuals who have differing views on the state of their marriage. Student actor Mikkel feels that the most exciting thing about this show is “the pure emotion that is felt by both characters.”

Alex Walker said his play, Burger Queen “focuses on family and loving one another despite their differences.”

Walker believes that audiences will enjoy “seeing how each character interacts with another in their own fun and unique ways.”

He added, “It is a very fun story, with surprises throughout, put on by talented people. There is also a surprise interactive element!”

This year’s faculty supervisor for the production is Rebecca Martin, a graduate of TWU who was part of the very beginnings of New Generations.

“As a TWU alumnus who participated as a director in the first New Generations, back in 2010, it is an honour to be supervising the last New Generations festival, today,” said Martin.

New Generations is open to the public, and tickets can be purchased online at


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