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The loss of our hearing affects far more then our ability to hear

From our independence to friendships, addressing hearing loss adds immeasurable value to life
Kim Galick at Ears Hearing in Langley.

Wanting to preserve our sense of self and our independence as we age is a universal experience. The ability to participate in the hobbies we love, to communicate and confidently go about our lives isn’t something anyone would willing give up.

But when we think about hearing loss, it’s easy to miss the real ramifications of that loss.

“Hearing loss affects people in a way that many don’t see coming – it causes an immense change in how we experience the world around us and affects nearly all aspects of our lives,” says Kim Galick, Registered Hearing Instrument Specialist and owner of Ears Hearing Clinic in Langley. “Because hearing plays such a big part in how we approach day-to-day life, it isn’t surprising that it’s often accompanied with feelings of depression and isolation.”

The sound of leaves rustling in a summer breeze, our loved one’s laughter, how a simple conversation over coffee on a Sunday morning makes us feel … those are the real losses when we lose our hearing.

Considering those loses can help us realize the true value in what today’s hearing aids have to offer: our ability to hear and be heard, to feel confident walking alone, to enjoy music and connection with the people we love.

“Hearing aids can’t cure hearing loss but they can give someone experiencing hearing loss their independence and quality of life back,” Galick says. “Their ability to turn up the volume of the world around us isn’t something to ignore when we consider how heavily we rely on our ears to help us navigate the world.”

Experiencing hearing loss or have a loved one that is experiencing hearing loss? Rekindle your sense of self and regain your independence this New Year by booking a free hearing consultation with Kim Galick at Ears Hearing Clinic in Langley.

Book your consultation over the phone 604-427-2828 or by email at and find Ears Hearing at Unit C 20568 56 Ave. in Langley, online at or follow them on Facebook.

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