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Catalytic converter thief strikes again at Langley Meals On Wheels

Non-profit considering renting safe parking after incident at Aldergrove location
This van, donated by the United Way to Langley Meals On Wheels, was the target of a catalytic converter thief at the beginning of April at its Aldergrove location, the second time it has happened to the non-profit group in less than six months. (Langley Meals On Wheels)

For the second time in about six months, a Langley Meals On Wheel delivery van has been targeted by a catalytic converter thief, this time at its Aldergrove location in the 2900-block of 272nd Street.

The society’s executive director Shannon Woykin told the Langley Advance Times they were getting ready to load the Nissan van with meals for delivery when it was discovered up on a jack, with the saw left behind.

“We had it towed to Midas in Aldergrove,” Woykin said.

“When I called around to service garages, they all said they had cars waiting to replace catalytics,” Woykin learned. “Now we are looking for a new place to park our cars, and that will cost us about $3,600 a year to park two cars overnight and weekends.”

It means the temporary loss of the van, which the non-profit depends on for bulk food delivery and picking up donations.

“This is the second time [this has happened to us],” Woykin added.

“The first time was at our Langley City location,” when another, smaller vehicle was targeted in September.

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A week before the latest incident, both vehicles had been given a thorough sprucing-up by Aldergrove Detail Evolution, who donated two silver package details for the van and the smaller vehicle.

Catalytic converters, used to control exhaust emissions to reduce pollutants, contain precious metals that make them a target for thefts as prices for platinum, palladium, and rhodium go up.

In November, Langley Meals On Wheels suffered the first theft of a catalytic converter from one of its vehicles, at its Langley City location. (file)
In November, Langley Meals On Wheels suffered the first theft of a catalytic converter from one of its vehicles, at its Langley City location. (file)

Platinum was recently trading at $970 per ounce, and palladium was going for $1,330 an ounce.

ICBC claim costs for catalytic converter thefts reached $4 million in 2021.

Last year, a new amendment to the Metal Dealers and Recyclers Regulation was imposed by the province to require metal dealers to report each transaction, including information about the seller, to police on the day of sale.

Prior to the amendment, catalytic converters could be sold to metal dealers without providing personal information.

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