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LETTER: Aldergrove Remembrance Day services stirring

Many in community gather to honour veterans

Dear Editor,

This is the poem I wrote after attending today’s ceremony in Aldergrove. Cold but moving experience as always.

James Sclater, Aldergrove

We Remembered Together Once Again

Mandates lifted, we gathered in the thousands

Even in our small B.C. town

In the cold, holding onto our children and our dogs

Each species wondering why we were so quiet

And why we stood listening to faint sounds of bugles

Bagpipes, and human voices raised in song

And intonations of solemnity.

The translucent autumn sky refused to allow the sun

Or canopy of blue above to show.

The blurry, luminous globe brightened the world

Just enough to strengthen the colours of the flag

Hoisted above the fire truck -

Still in the morning air -

And brighten the various jackets, scarves and toques

Of those who stood together to remember.

We did remember. Thousands of us -

Joining the other thousands all across the country

Who came to say they had not forgotten.

We thought of far-off war-shredded lands

Where our own men and boys went off to war

Hoping their lives or service could buy peace

And war would never come to stalk our cities and our towns.

We thought of The Somme, Vimy, Dieppe, D-Day,

Korea, Afganistan and, yes, Ukraine.

And many other places most of us will never visit

Except in our minds in order to remember.

Lest we should ever forget. Lest we should ever

Not know or care what has been done for us

By those who served, bled or died

That we could be free to gather

And to live.

November 11, 2022


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