Langley school board chair is replacement candidate for NDP

Langley school board chair is replacement candidate for NDP

Megan Dykeman declares as the New Democrat hopeful for Langley East

BC NDP are touting her as a seasoned politician who’s willing to shift from her school board chair position to that of MLA.

Megan Dykeman was revealed Wednesday afternoon as the New Democrats’ contender in the Langley East riding.

Dykeman, a 42-year-old single mother of two, is serving her third term on Langley school board, current in the position as chair.

“As a small business owner, long-time school trustee and local farmer, I’m proud to represent the BCNDP as the candidate in Langley East in this election,” Dykeman said. “After years of hard work in the community, I understand what is on the minds of my fellow citizens.”

She’s vying to replace Liberal MLA Rich Coleman in the Langley East riding. He announced back in February that he would not be running again, opting to retire and spend time with his family.

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Dykeman will be going up against a slate of new contenders on the provincial platform, including BC Conservative hopeful Ryan Warawa, BC Liberal’s Margaret Kunst, BC Green Party’s Cheryl Weins, and second-time candidate BC Libertarian Alex Joehl.

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Initially, the BC NDP backed Eric Woodward to run in the Langley East riding during the upcoming Oct. 24 election. But a day after announcing, the Township councillor rescinded his bid last Sunday.

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While Dykeman has apparently turned down previous invitations to run for other levels of government, after careful consideration she said she believes that she is ready to serve as MLA.

Dykeman has also sat on Langley’s agriculture and economic advisory committee, chairing the blueberry canon taskforce. And she is a founding leader of the Langley 4-H poultry club.

Dykeman said her work in Langley has been guided by her “strong belief” in accountability, communication, and respect.

Recent events have demonstrated once again that the BC Liberals are a party that remains deeply divisive and disconnected from the needs of British Columbians, said Dykeman.

“In this election, it is clear that John Horgan and BC NDP are the best choice to lead the province of British Columbia,” she added, hoping to reach out to voters to talk about their expectations and concerns in the coming weeks leading up to the election.

While Dykeman is the latest to add her name to the list of Langley East contenders, she may not be the last. The cutoff for candidates to declare is 1 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 2.



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