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Candidate Q&A: Shelly Jan

The Conservative candidate in Langley riding is Shelly Jan
Shelly Jan is running for the BC Conservatives in Langley. (Shelly Jan/Special to the Langley Advance Times)

Shelly Jan, Conservative Party

Shelly Jan is an educator who lives in Langley City, aged 54



Shelly is a fighter that knows what hard work is all about; at only five feet she was a high school starting guard, and was part of a championship team.

She attended university graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree, and then obtained a Master’s Degree in Education.

As a teacher, Shelly became involved in the teacher’s union, gaining experience and practical knowledge in the education sector, health and safety, negotiating contracts, and policy and constitutional development.

Shelly have worked with seniors and young offenders in health care, developed programs, and participated in other outreach to youth, children, those living in poverty and homelessness.

She continues to mentor and empower women, encouraging them to rise to decision making positions where they can make a difference.


Twitter: @Shelly4langley


Phone: 604-707-0007



To help voters make their choices on election day, the Langley Advance Times is asking local candidates a series of questions on issues of importance, asking each candidate to participate.

They were asked to a ‘yes’, a ‘no,’ or a ‘don’t know’ (Y,N,D) response to EACH of the numbered questions for the grid published in the Oct. 15 edition of The News. Candidates were also invited to expand on ANY OR ALL of the questions (to a maximum of 200 words each), with one of their choice to be included in our print edition on Oct. 22. Here’s all their replies.


1 Would you vote to fund additional supportive housing units in Langley to reduce homelessness?

Answer: Yes, housing is expensive in Langley and some people just can’t afford rent. I would vote for additional funding BUT with accountability. I don’t believe in giving money to projects without some sort of accountability because it is your money that is being used for these projects. I would also partner with other businesses or agencies for support in other areas of the project.

2. Is lowering taxes the best route to economic recovery from the COVID-19 recession?

Answer: No, it is not. Lowering taxes will deplete income that is needed to help with the Recovery. Some of the Conservatives of BC plan, is to Suspend Carbon Tax, Raise the minimum personal income tax threshold, build a Made in BC manufacturing opportunity, and to have a local tourism tax credit.

3. Should the province provide B.C. residents with a universal basic income?

Answer: No, people who built this country and who come to this country have worked hard to advance Canada to where it is today. I believe that people should be paid for the work that they do. Giving out money with no accountability is wasting the money of the people who have worked long hours to try to feed, clothe and house their families. There are other options to help people who cannot work.

4. Should the B.C. government restrict large, industrial cannabis greenhouses from operating in the ALR?

5. Should the B.C. government speed up the widening of Highway One into the eastern Fraser Valley?

Answer: Yes, this is one way to allow traffic to flow through the Eastern Fraser Valley. It should have been a project 20 years ago, knowing that the population would be expanding. Another option is using the existing rail systems. The Inter-urban tracks are still in place. The tracks and trains need to be modernized, but it would be less expensive than the current plan and would not take as long to complete.

6. Should cities and school districts be allowed to go into debt during the pandemic?

Answer: They don’t have the flexibility to go into debt as the provincial or federal governments.

7. Should the province stop prosecuting drug possession to help fight the overdose epidemic?

Answer: No, because that will not help the overdose epidemic. We need to look at the source of everyone’s issue and deal with individuals. By the way, safe injection sites have not lessened the overdose epidemic. Community organizations who build relationships and help individuals are seeing the best results. I would work with other organizations that have a proven track. We need to look at preventative measures, we need more detox spaces and more supports.

8. Should the province divert funding away from policing and towards social and mental health services?

Answer: This is a complex issue. I would like to look at specialized units in social, cultural and mental health services that work within the police force and is available for every call. Many police officers don’t have training in these areas. Training is needed. Police programs should include various courses that teach on subjects as mental health, racism, cultural practises and other issues that they encounter.

9. In the era of Black Lives Matter, should B.C. increase the penalties for hate speech?

Answer: No. Currently, if you disagree with someone’s ideology, it is considered hate. This would further limit freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of religion.

10. Would you support more public schools moving to a year-round education model

Answer: Yes, however the year round model hasn’t shown that there is an improvement in education outcome for students. Parents, teachers and students seem to like the year round education model. Schools will have to be modernized with Air Conditioning for the extended summer month. Schools in this model resume at the beginning of August.



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